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“Did you know that having a glass of Bubbles is a way to reduce stress, anxiety and boost you mood. It literally gives you a boost of serotonin and this is due to the magnesium, potassium and zinc it contains” Elle Rodriguez


I started following Elle Rodriguez, The Modern Pour @themodernpour some years ago and was immediately impressed by the vibe and the way she talks about wines. Elle has a natural way of telling stories and she is indeed one of the people you need to follow if you are passionate about wines.

So let’s get to know Elle a bit better and squeeze some advice from her when it comes to drinking wines with style.

IBMagazine: How did you develop this passion for wines? Were you always a wine person?

Elle Rodriguez: Ironically, I did not come from a wine house. My family and friends really didn’t drink it. I came from a Beer & Tequila house.

It wasn’t until I got older did I pick up wine. So glad I did!

IBMagazine: How did you grow in the last past years and more importantly how did you develop as a wine blogger?

Elle Rodriguez: Ya` that happened by accident. My cousin was a social media manager and I was crying to her about life.

She asked me, “well what do you want to do in life?” And I said something like “I just want to eat & drink wine and travel”… she said “okay that’s totally doable. Go to wine school”

Cut to – went to my first WSET class and found that no one looked like me (in terms of color, culture, clothing style, personality… all of me) and I knew I was on to something. That’s when I started documenting my wine journey/wine life.

And it completely changed my life. I am so blessed to have had the opportunities I’ve had and continue to have.

Also, I manifested it all which is even more crazy. Because it has come true. I dreamed very very big. And it’s only going to get better .

IBMagazine: What would you say is the most difficult part of being a wine blogger?

Elle Rodriguez: Oh gosh, I honestly think the wine snobs hated me when I first came out.

This was their special secret society and they weren’t interested in people like me finding out and especially sharing everything I was learning.

Which is so crazy right?? It’s literally a beverage,  so many gatekeepers in the space. I showed them I wasn’t scared of them and I wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

So after SEVERAL years, they finally started to respect me and appreciate my views on this beverage.

If you have been following me for a while, I had to deal with a lot of BS. I think the biggest thing was being taken seriously.

To be honest,  I didn’t even know how to properly spell Rosé when I first started. I can see why the wine snobs didn’t approve.

I was young and had no clue about anything in this space but I was charming and willing to learn which in return has gained their respect. Also the countless collaborations, events, features, interviews, podcasts, articles and write ups on me haven’t hurt either (haha).

IBMagazine: I know that the pandemic was a difficult time, I remember that I was following you at that time and it was indeed a hard time for everyone but especially for you. How did you overcome this since wine blogging is your full-time job?

Elle Rodriguez: Omg that was the worst time of my life. LA was so locked down because of their stupid political bullshit. I spent everything I had in savings and just tried and worked and took any job I could get.

I drank a lot of shitty wine those couple of years to pay my rent. However, it lit a fire under me and I was forced to be creative. That’s when my podcast came out. We ran almost 60 episodes. Grateful for that experience, but it was very very hard. I was determined to survive.

IBMagazine: People usually ask what wine they should choose, for example if they are invited at a party with friends. What would your choice and your advice be regarding this?

Elle Rodriguez: Bubbles! I always take Champagne, Sparkling Wine, Prosecco or Cava. Did you know that having a glass of Bubbles is a way to reduce stress, anxiety and boost you mood.

It literally gives you a boost of serotonin and this is due to the magnesium, potassium and zinc it contains.

Not only that, it also can improve your heart health, it can lower your risk of diabetes, it keeps you sharp and can prevent dementia, and it has little calories.

You gotta take care of the people you like and love and it always starts the party!!!

IBMagazine: Do you have a favorite grape variety?

Elle Rodriguez: Whites: Chenin Blanc or Picpoul and for reds: Pinot Noir, Barbera, Gamay, Cab Franc but Graciano is my fave!

IBMagazine: Do you think that wine glasses are an important aspect of enjoying wine?

Elle Rodriguez: Absolutely! I love drinking Bubbles in a universal wine glass. I do not like champagne flutes. They’re also so dainty and fragile. Also I do not like stemless wine glasses.

It completely changes the temperature of the wine because you’re holding onto the glass instead of at the stem.

IBMagazine: Which is the most difficult part in educating people about wine?

Elle Rodriguez: I’m definitely not an educator. I think I teach through my visual experiences. Hence why I do more lifestyle posts and reels. I know I learn more from videos and pictures, so that’s how i pass thing along.

I don’t think you need all the classes and diplomas to enjoy a glass of wine. Again it’s a beverage meant to be enjoyed instead of dissected so rigorously. When I go to wine events I tend to stay away from the ultra wine nerds because they’re dissecting the notes and all geeking out, which is good for them, but it isn’t my vibe. I’m there to sip and savor (laughing from the heart)

IBMagazine: What would your choice of a regular wine be? A wine that you would drink anywhere, anytime.

Elle Rodriguez: Rosé– it’s my absolute favorite! It pairs so nicely with all kinds of foods. You can drink it in the South of France and all the fancy places, or in a backyard or by the pool any time of the year! My favorite food pairing is a glass of Rosé and a burger & fries! It’s absolute Heaven!

Thank you Elle for making time to have this interview!

If you are interested in wines and a really good and fresh vibe I do invite you to check Elle Rodriguez, The Modern Pour @themodernpour on her Instagram account. You will discover a beautiful person that is indeed worth following and you will be caught up instantly by her personality.

Remember, wine appreciation is not about being an expert; it’s about the joy of discovering new flavors, sharing memorable moments with loved ones, and deepening your connection with the world around you. Take your time to savor each sip, engage your senses, and let the wines guide you on a sensory adventure.


Text: Yle Balaceanu

Pics:  @themodernpour


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