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    Andra Deac: A Real Life Super Hero

    A motivational story about positive energy When I started to follow Andra Deac on Instagram I was instantly amazed by her unique way of telling her story. She is not only a beautiful person, but an example. Her power to expose herself and her complete cancer journey towards healing has left a positive and unique feeling in my heart. I wanted to bring up this topic to raise an alarm. At the same time, I wanted to find out the point of view from the perspective of a patient, a mother, a human being. Writing these lines made me quite emotional. But taking the proper steps to be aware, prevent…

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    Julia Sauter: A Rising Star in Figure Skating representing Romania

    Julia Sauter, a rising star in Figure Skating representing Romania, shines at the 2024 European Championship and ranks 9th Julia Sauter has emerged as a remarkable talent in the world of figure skating, representing Romania with grace and technique on the ice. Sauter demonstrated her prowess at the recent 2024 European Figure Skating Championship, leaving an indelible impression. Last year we had the incredible opportunity to interview her for our special online People category. Having a German figure skater that is representing Romania once again is truly amazing and her results are remarkable and she deserves our support. You can check the interview with Julia Sauter here. 9th-place performance at…

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    Wine talks with Elle Rodriguez

    “Did you know that having a glass of Bubbles is a way to reduce stress, anxiety and boost you mood. It literally gives you a boost of serotonin and this is due to the magnesium, potassium and zinc it contains” Elle Rodriguez   I started following Elle Rodriguez, The Modern Pour @themodernpour some years ago and was immediately impressed by the vibe and the way she talks about wines. Elle has a natural way of telling stories and she is indeed one of the people you need to follow if you are passionate about wines. So let’s get to know Elle a bit better and squeeze some advice from her when…

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    Emotion on ice with Julia Sauter-Czarnik

    “I think the greatest achievement for myself was the World Championship 2022 in Montpellier. I felt so free there, I remember flying over the ice and it was just for all the people who believed in me.” Julia Sauter-Czarnik I grew up watching figure skating and I always had a huge respect for the people that are practicing this sport. When I was small, I can remember how amazed I was watching Surya Bonaly, Nancy Kerrigan or later Michele Kwan flying over the ice. Figure skating is a sport bound to amaze the audience and like any other sports it needs involvement, practice and most importantly it needs to come…

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    Perseverance and motivation

    When I first met Laura Stroia, I didn’t know how to react, how to behave, whether to congratulate her or shake her hand. However, I discovered behind a wonderful person a story that deserves to be told because for each of us, Laura can be an example of motivation, perseverance, an example of a person who, despite her disability, demonstrates that it is possible. Laura Stroia has a visual impairment and is a world champion in kata “I want to be a model of inspiration for people with disabilities. I also want to become an instructor for people with disabilities because I understand their challenges and want to help overcome…

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