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Welcome to our "Short Interviews" section! In this corner of our digital realm, we bring you bite-sized conversations that pack a punch. We believe that insights and inspiration can come from even the briefest exchanges, and that's precisely what you'll find here.

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    DJ Apashe at Untold Festival 2023

    DJ Apashe performed a captivating show that brought this year`s Untold festival experience to new heights thanks to his remarkable talent and genre-defying approach. The belgian born DJ, by his real name John De Buck, currently lives in Canada where he constantly works in creating and developing his unique style. Apashe soon attracted attention for his avant-garde approach to music production by fusing his classical music training with modern electronic sounds. An unforgettable set at Untold Festival 2023 Apashe dominated the Alchemy stage at Untold Festival 2023, transporting the crowd to a world of sound. His performance was an exhilarating fusion of driving basslines and explosive drops that got the…

  • Short Interviews

    Simina Grigoriu: Unleashing the techno magic at Untold Festival 2023

    Simina Grigoriu is a well-known DJ in the tumultuous world of techno music, mesmerizing listeners everywhere with her extraordinary skill. On this year`s Untold edition she performed on the Time stage, wowing the audience with an electrifying performance. Toronto-raised and Romanian-born The journey of this techno star has progressively amassed awards. She began her career as a DJ, before swiftly switching to production, launching her own label, Kuukou. With a skill for feeling the beat, she embarked on a path that would lead her to the forefront of the international techno scene. A perfect and unforgettable set at Untold Festival 2023 Simina Grigoriu’s captivating personality was seen at Untold Festival…

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