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    Tips and tricks for outdoor training

    Do you want to exercise but don’t know how or where to start? Whether you want to lose weight or simply feel the need to be more active, here are a few tips that might interest you. Set a goal Walking, running, and using the outdoor exercise equipment in the park would be a good start for someone who wants to begin exercising. Studies show that approximately 8,200 steps per day can help with weight loss, but this varies depending on weight, height, terrain type, incline, etc. Personally, I’ve set my goal at 10,000 steps. Don’t forget to have appropriate attire that is comfortable and doesn’t hinder your movement while…

  • Health

    Benefits of ginger

    Ginger and key benefits of this amazing root plant Ginger ( Zingiber officinale ), also popularly called “ginger” or “gingiber”, is the name given to a herbaceous plant from tropical regions. It has an aromatic rhizome rich in essential oils. Ginger is a perennial species that needs a high and constant temperature as well as a permanent humidity to develop properly. The rhizome of ginger is irregularly shaped, contorted and gnarled, reaching up to 5-6 centimeters in length. This particular root  is especially valued in the oriental cuisines of India , Malaysia , Nepal , Bangladesh , etc. An alternative name for ginger, introduced by the Turks in Moldova and Muntenia was…

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