Julia Sauter: A Rising Star in Figure Skating representing Romania

Julia Sauter, a rising star in Figure Skating representing Romania, shines at the 2024 European Championship and ranks 9th

Julia Sauter has emerged as a remarkable talent in the world of figure skating, representing Romania with grace and technique on the ice. Sauter demonstrated her prowess at the recent 2024 European Figure Skating Championship, leaving an indelible impression.

Last year we had the incredible opportunity to interview her for our special online People category. Having a German figure skater that is representing Romania once again is truly amazing and her results are remarkable and she deserves our support. You can check the interview with Julia Sauter here.

9th-place performance at the 2024 European Championship

Sauter’s astounding 9th-place performance at the 2024 European Championship was amazing. Her rating is a testimonial to her devotion, hard effort, and the advice of her instructors as she competes against a field of excellent skaters.

Sauter’s performance was distinguished by a combination of jumps, spins, and artistic expression. Her ability to portray emotion with each movement captivated us and the people attending the event, making her performance an unforgettable achievement.

Devotion and hard work

We contacted Julia for a statement regarding her performance and a thought towards our readers.

“I feel very pleased with the placement of this competition. For the short amount of time of preparation I had, it was good but if I look towards the bigger picture, there are mistakes I made that I want to work on because those are mistakes which shouldn’t be made. As always, I was happy to represent Romania, but I am very happy I was able to end up in the top 10 again, this was not just me but my entire team who helped me a lot and never stopped believing in me! “

Julia Sauter’s achievement at the European Championships as Romania’s representative is a source of pride for the country’s figure skating community. Her accomplishment represents not just her personal dedication to the sport, but also the expanding the hope to see more Romanian figure skaters in the future. We congratulate her and her coach, Marius Negrea, and wish her all the best in the future competitions.

Text: IBMagazine, pics official Instagram account Julia Sauter

YouTube source: Skating ISU

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