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DJ Apashe at Untold Festival 2023

DJ Apashe performed a captivating show that brought this year`s Untold festival experience to new heights thanks to his remarkable talent and genre-defying approach.

The belgian born DJ, by his real name John De Buck, currently lives in Canada where he constantly works in creating and developing his unique style. Apashe soon attracted attention for his avant-garde approach to music production by fusing his classical music training with modern electronic sounds.

An unforgettable set at Untold Festival 2023

Apashe dominated the Alchemy stage at Untold Festival 2023, transporting the crowd to a world of sound. His performance was an exhilarating fusion of driving basslines and explosive drops that got the crowd moving with boundless enthusiasm. He maintained the pace and expertly managed the speed, generating an exciting atmosphere that resonated with every festival-goer.

Genre-Blending: his signature sound

The artist stands out due to his aptitude for fusing genres in a fluid manner and creating a distinctive sound all his own.   Apashe’s music defies classification by fusing parts of classical music with electronic and trap influences, and it is enjoyed by a variety of music lovers.

A perfect performance

The performance at Untold Festival 2023 is not only a statement due to visuals and skillfully orchestrated light shows, which improved the audience’s total sensory experience.

Apashe makes a significant impact on the worldwide music industry thanks to his creative approach to music creation and his capacity to deeply engage people.

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Text, pics and video: IBMagazine

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