10 Romanian traditional sayings that make no sense in English

Romanian traditional sayings generally incorporate metaphorical and lyrical language, delivering lessons that reverberate across various facets of life, from pithy phrases about love, family, and work to reflections on human nature and the value of time.

Check out these 10 traditional Romanian sayings and their non sense translation in English!

  • ”Frate-frate da branza- i pe bani” – Brother, brother but the cheese on top of the money

Its meaning is that nothing is free, everything is paid in business and in daily life.

  • ”Nu da vrabia din mână pe cioara de pe gard” – Do not give the sparrow from your hand for the crow on the fence

Better to be content with the little you have than to covet more advantageous but uncertain promises.

  • ”Râde ciob de oală spartă” – The crock laughs at the broken pot

This one refers to the fact that people laugh at each other, but say nothing about themselves.

  • ”Cine se trezește de dimineață, departe ajunge” – Who wakes up early in the morning gets far away

It emphasizes the fact that if we start work as soon as possible then we will finish sooner.

  • ”Nu fă din țânțar armăsar” – Don’t make from the mosquito a stallion”

Exaggerate regarding a certain topic.

  • ”Să moară și capra vecinului” – Let the neighbors goat die too

The one who envies and wants the advantages of another for himself, or wants that person to no longer have them.

  • ”Floare la ureche” – Flower on ear

Represents something (thing) easy to do / solve

  • ”Cloac peste pupăză” – Life buoy on the top of the hoopoe

Used to emphasize an accentuation of an unfortunate situation, i.e. the accompanying of an evil by another evil that, thus, aggravates the situation.

  • ”Fugeau câinii cu covrigi în coadă” – The dogs were running with pretzels in the tail

It is very abundant.

  • ”Țara arde și baba se piaptănă” – The country is burning and the old lady combs her hair

Someone who is preoccupied with trivial things while important events are happening around him.

These proverbs are an essential part of Romanian heritage, connecting people to their roots and cultural identity. This post means to see them in a funny way, rather then exploring the proper translation.

Text: IBMagazine

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