Making the perfect Aperol Spritz

A Delightful Summer Refresher for all tastes

It’s time to savor a cool drink that captures the spirit of summer when the temperature rises and the days are longer. With its vivid orange color and crisp flavor, the Aperol Spritz has established itself as a traditional drink favorite.

Crafting the perfect summer drink

We will walk you through the process of making the ideal Aperol Spritz in this article. Let’s reveal the techniques for creating this delicious summer refresher, from picking the best ingredients to mastering the right quantities.

How to choose the ingredients

The quality of your ingredients is crucial to creating a fantastic Aperol Spritz. Here is a list of ingredients that you need:
1. Aperol: the star of the show is Aperol, offering a distinctive fusion of bitter and sweet flavors. The drink has an enhanced aesthetic appeal thanks to its vivid orange color.

2. Prosecco: this bubbly ItalianĀ  adds effervescence and a delicate, fruity flavor to the Aperol Spritz. Choose a dry or extra-dry Prosecco to keep the tastes in harmony.

3. Soda Water: use cooled soda water to give the Aperol Spritz a revitalizing sparkle. The other components are complemented without being overpowered by its delicate effervescence.

4. Orange Slice: a slice of fresh orange gives a delicate zesty aroma and works elegantly as a garnish.

5. Ice: to keep your Aperol Spritz cool and refreshing throughout, use a lot of ice.

Ideal Proportions

The secret to making a great Aperol Spritz is to get the ideal balance of tastes. The traditional recipe recommends the following ratios:

3 parts Prosecco (90ml) in a wine glass or tumbler

2 parts Aperol (60ml) to be added to the glass

1 part soda water (30ml) : chilled soda water adds a refreshing fizz and maintains the balance


Ice cubes should be added to a large wine glass or tumbler. Your drink will stay cold and get crisper thanks to the ice’s coolness.
Making sure the ice cubes are completely covered, pour the Prosecco into the glass. The aromatic notes of the Aperol will begin blending with the soft effervescence.
Pour the Aperol into the glass gradually, letting it trickle over the Prosecco. Watch as the sparkling wine and the bright orange hue combine to provide a beautiful sight.
Add the cold soda water last to complete. It will add a light fizz, improving the beverage’s pleasant qualities.
To blend the components without sacrificing the carbonation, stir gently with a long spoon.

Now that you have mastered the technique of preparing an Aperol Spritz here are some tips in terms of Prosecco that you can choose:

Enjoy your summer with an Aperol Spritz!

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