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Collefrisio – the story of extraordinary wines

Somewhere towards the end of June we participated in two absolutely sensational wine tastings. One of these tastings took place at Top Drinks  in Cluj-Napoca, a location recognized for this kind of wine events, the stars of the evening being of course the wines of the Collefrisio winery.

It happens many times that we emotionally attach ourselves to the wines we have the opportunity to taste. For me, the story of these wines is very important  I want to know the details of their journey from the grapes to the vines and until we get this magical liqueur that delights our taste buds. This is also the reason why, in my opinion, I always want to tell a story and these unique moments, so that the reader of these lines can choose a proper wine.

The wine was born in an area known for wine culture, in the Abruzzo region, right on the hills of Frisia in the province of Chieti. The geographical context favors the planting of vines and the production of wine, while maintaining quality standards. The constant ventilation of the area, due to the mountains around this region, is a key element for the health of the vine and the grapes throughout the growing season.

Due to the cold influence of the mountains and the sea which is only 31 km away, all these elements, meaning the climatic elements such as the wind, but also the predominantly stoney soil and the frequent changes of temperature in the area lead to the slower accumulation of sugar in the grapes, keeping the aromas and acidity balanced specially due to the cool nights of September and October.

Like any winery that respects both wine and the plant itself, it is obvious that quality always starts from the vineyard, and the producers recognize that a well-kept plant will produce good wine, which is why both the plant and the grapes are carefully monitored for the grapes to be harvest when reaching the optimum level.

The Collefrisio wine is currently in the third generation of wine makers through Amedeo De Luca and Antonio Patricelli. Due to the context in which the winery was born, it can combine high quality standards with a fairly large variety of wines, thus placing the company among small to mid-sized wineries but with great flexibility to serve the market with high quality wines.

The work is structured by absolutely all the means necessary for the production, so there is the processing part in the laboratory of the first grapes, the wine cellars are equipped with barrels and silos of high capacity to reinforce here the idea of an extremely well-developed logistics that allows delivery anywhere in world. The winery also has a beautiful tasting room and offers absolutely wonderful hospitality during the harvest or other similar events. When we say Collefrisio we are talking about a story about good people and wines.

The wines we had the opportunity to taste matched very well both with the context of a relaxed evening, but especially with the ambience and the people who like to socialize, along with beautiful stories, being presented by their importer in Romania, Tito Galanti. We had the opportunity to taste 6 wines that I consider perfect for this summer, but why not for the cooler evenings of September. Collefrisio Vignaquadra Passerina is a 100% white Passerina grape wine. With 12.5 volumes, the wine is noticeable with a pale yellow color with slight reflections of green. A strong fragrance with soft citrus aromas and a balanced acidity, an ideal wine for hot summer evenings.

Also from the white wine series we had the opportunity to taste Collefrisio Vignaquadra Pecorino. Obtained from 100% Pecorino by maceration at low temperature and fermentation at controlled temperature, the wine promises notes of peach and green tea, having an intense and well balanced taste. It also offered a smooth passage to the Rose wine. Collefrisio Rose, made from 100% Montepulciano d`Abruzzo, comes in a beautiful and clear color that reminds us of cherries, it has pink reflections, floral notes but it is well structured for a full experience. We are talking about a maceration at low temperatures after destemming and a fermentation at a controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks.

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