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Chardonnay: A perfect wine for any occasion

Chardonnay garners appreciation globally from wine enthusiasts who praise this “queen of white wines” for being versatile in nature. Having a fascinating history behind itself, this varietal thrives under different winemaking regions producing unique characteristics.

As a versatile wine it will enlighten your taste buds with wide-ranging tastes, from crisp and refreshing through creamy full-bodied.

This well known variety needs minimal introduction, originating significantly from France’s Burgundy region spreading its roots in winemaking regions across the globe and continually gaining widespread acceptance.

Tips to enjoy a Chardonnay

The universal appeal lies in its multifarious styles offering options to be rich and creamy or refreshing and light catering to everyone’s unique taste preferences. To unlock Chardonnay’s flavors optimally, consider serving it at a chilled temperature between 7°C and 13°C.

Consider the temperature

With this ideal temperature, the delicate aroma and flavors remain intact and fresh.

Serving it too cold can undermine the primary subtleties necessary for heightened enjoyment, while in contrast serving it under warm conditions may lead to dullness during intake.

The wine glass

Wine lovers know that choosing glassware wisely enhances their sipping experience. The ideal glass should have a broad bowl and thin rim that concentrates aromas in close proximity.

It is interesting to observe and experience the complex scents of Chardonnay’s intricate bouquet while drinking it leisurely or savoring every sip quickly with ease.  This wine has a delightful fragrance in each drop and consumed at the correct temperature from a nice wine glass enhances the experience. Very  important to observe is the crystal-clear liquid which is an indication that it is indeed a well-made wine.

Pay attention to the notes

Gently swirl the glass to release the wine’s notes. Generally, chardonnay displays a wide range of aromas, with tropical fruits like pineapple and mango, citrus notes of lemon and grapefruit, and hints of oak-aged butter and vanilla some are included. Take a sip and let the wine coat your mouth. Note the balance of fruit flavors and acidity. Chardonnay can express a variety of flavors, from green apple and citrus to ripe pear and peach. The texture can be light, zesty and creamy and velvety.

Food pairings and ageing potential

The versatility of Chardonnay makes it a wonderful choice for food pairing. Its crisp notes pair well with seafood, salads and light appetizers, while full-bodied, oak-aged Chardonnays complement savory dishes such as grilled chicken or pasta forms creamy. While some Chardonnays are meant to be enjoyed young and fresh, others have an excellent maturity. When you find a well-structured oak-aged Chardonnay, consider “prisoning” it for a few years to allow the flavors to develop and mature, opening up new complexities.

3 Chardonnay wines of my choice


Chateau Vartely Taraboste 

This wine is produced in Moldova with exceptional care and meticulousness that captivates with its playful yet mature character. Aged for six months in new French oak barrels, this dry white wine entices with a juicy aroma of ripe yellow watermelon and flavors of yellow watermelon, walnut, and pear. It has a light aftertaste, making it the perfect companion for poultry dishes  as well as cheese. To be served at temperatures between 6-8 degrees Celsius.

You can find the wine here.


Gitana Autograf Chardonnay

This wine has a wonderful straw-yellow color developing a fruity aroma. The taste is full, complex, with notes of lime flowers, hazelnuts, and vanilla. It is recommended to be paired with fish dishes, seafood, and semi-hard cheeses. The ideal serving temperature is 8-10 degrees Celsius.

You can see more details on the wine here



Zaig Chardonnay

A dry wine that feels round and well-balanced. Gastronomic medium to full bodied due to its alcohol content, acidity, and dryness . The taste is fruity with notes of peaches and ripe pears, with good freshness supported by minerality. A Chardonnay with a medium-plus and savory aftertaste.

You can see more details on the wine here



Remember, the world of wine is subjective, and individual tastes and preferences vary. Experiment with different styles and regions to find your favorite Chardonnay. Whether you enjoy it at a casual gathering, an elegant dinner party, or simply as a make-your-own treat, Chardonnay promises an enjoyable and memorable experience for those with eyes except for wine all around Cheers to the joy of tasting this timeless classic in a cool glass!

Text and pics: Yle Balaceanu


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