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Untold Festival 2023 is the safest place in Romania

Preparing the 8th edition of the UNTOLD festival

This event will bring together over 250 top national and international artists along with their teams, but also fans from Romania and all over the world, into its magical universe. For four days and four nights, the organizers and authorities are collaborating to ensure that everyone will be safe at Romania’s largest event.

All these safety measures were presented today during a press conference, where UNTOLD representatives discussed, together with local and national authorities, their joint commitment to making the UNTOLD festival area the safest public place in Romania.

Untold 2023 – the safest place

The UNTOLD festival team and local authorities are joining forces to create a memorable and safe experience for all participants and fans present in the city of Cluj-Napoca.

Representatives of the authorities will be present throughout the entire four-day festival, ensuring that the safety measures are followed by all participants at the UNTOLD festival.

Additionally, approximately 800 private security agents will contribute to maintaining order and peace within the event perimeter. Two mobile hospitals and three first-aid points will also be set up in the festival area. The K-9 division, specially trained for patrolling, will be led by Şuier (the most famous trained dog from this division) once again this year.

The most impressive production

The festival covers an area of 235,000 square meters and expects hundreds of thousands of participants during the 4 days and 4 nights of magic. Over 15,000 people from more than 20 countries are now building fantasy worlds and decorations at Cluj Arena stadium and its surroundings.

The main stage will feature over 900 square meters of LED screens, 32 meters in height, 110 meters in width, and 30 meters in depth. The stage weighs over 500 tons, and its roof has a span of 24 meters.

Over 1250 lighting fixtures will color the Cluj Arena stadium during all the festival days and nights. All the energy used for the main stage comes from renewable sources.

A theme that we will remember

The theme of UNTOLD 2023 is “The Light Phoenix,” which will be reflected in the stadium’s decorations and main stage. A magical sparkle makes the portal between the real world and the imaginary world invisible, and once this sparkle ignites, everyone is filled with pure joy.

All those tiny particles transform into something spectacular: a vortex of lights, each unique in its own way, in constant interaction to create something truly special: a PHOENIX in the most vivid colors.

Check out this list with forbidden items

Each festival has it`s own rules so it is important to mention the list with forbidden items. The UNTOLD organizers would like to remind attendees that the following items are prohibited at the festival:

  • drugs, alcohol, bottles (including perfume or deodorant bottles), baby bottles, umbrellas, flammable cosmetics, backpacks or bags larger than 29 cm X 21 cm X 12 cm, canned goods, fireworks, lasers, sprays, knives, weapons, blunt objects, banners on sticks, chairs, chains, pyrotechnic items, food or drinks, animals, professional photo or video equipment.

However, access is allowed for medications accompanied by a medical prescription, insulin, medical drops, inhaler sprays for asthma, only if the possessors present a medical letter or any other valid substitute document, and in the maximum daily recommended quantity.

Check also the official website for more details around the rules.

See you at Untold Festival 2023!


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