• Events and free time

    Blood Network for Untold and Neversea 2024

    From the first edition Untold Festival has launched not only a CSR campaign, but the most important movement in blood donation. Through this initiative they have proved that people can get involved to make a difference and help those in need. This is not about a ticket to one of the two festivals, it is about showing that we need to work together, to create a unique movement and to be an example for every citizen. It is about giving a chance to life. Save a life, donate blood and go to Untold or Neversea festival for free The organizers of the UNTOLD and Neversea festivals are launching the longest-running…

  • Health

    Importance and Benefits of Regular Blood Donation

    Giving blood is a selfless act of kindness that has great value and offers many advantages to both the recipient and the donor. Regular blood donation is not only a noble deed, but also a means to improve both your personal health and the welfare of society.   An ongoing demand A reliable blood supply is always needed by hospitals and other healthcare facilities. You can guarantee that there is enough blood available to meet these demands by giving frequently. This is especially important during natural catastrophes and unplanned emergencies. Supporting Medical Advancements In addition to being used for emergency transfusions, blood donations are also used for medical research and…

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