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Day 3 and 4 at Untold Festival 2023

Over 420.000 people attended Untold festival 2023

The third and the forth day of the Untold Festival were a blast, including one of the most awaited DJs. Martin Garrix took the stage in a memorable performance that left the crowd speechless.

110.000 attendants for the third day 

For the third consecutive day, the 8th edition of the UNTOLD festival was a memorable one, experienced with immense joy by over 110,000 fans from all over the world who celebrated alongside their favorite artists, the music, and the joy of being together with friends.

With an extraordinary passion for music and gratitude for the fans who are by his side every time, Garrix electrified the atmosphere of the UNTOLD mainstage. With a set that included “In The Name Of Love,” “Higher Ground,” “Animals,” “Hurricane,” and the festival anthem “High On Life,” he created a captivating experience.

An atmosphere to remember

The live act by French Montana was absolutely extraordinary. The American rapper was amazed by the crowd and thanked the fans for the energy.

Eric Prydz took the main stage and transported the audience in a world of techno music. The American Zhu, for the first time at Untold festival, hypnotized the festival goers with his sounds.

Vibrancy on the secondary stages  

A duo considered iconic in underground culture, Tale Of Us, along with Priku, Charlie, Woo York (Live), and Mihigh, transformed the Galaxy stage into a universe where space and time didn’t matter.

Simina Grigoriu had an unforgettable set on the Time stage taking the audience to another level and Apashe had a blasting performance on the Alchemy stage.

Over 100.000 people on the last day of the festival

The last day of the festival was another memorable day for the over 100,000 fans who were invited to explore the UNTOLD Universe and blend reality with imagination.

Armin returned home, where he was welcomed by tens of thousands of fans who stood by him until sunrise. For 5 hours, UNTOLD fans enjoyed a spectacular live set of the trance king.

David Guetta was also one of the top DJs on the main stage, he was absolutely blended by the people that welcomed him with so much warmness.

The American artist, FERG, was one of the artists who came to Romania for the first time and kept the fans on the arena regardless of the weather warnings. It rained, and the UNTOLD fans danced in the rain.

Each of the four days of the UNTOLD festival was extraordinary for the fans who enjoyed every artist that graced the mainstage. It was an UNTOLD like no other before. The gates of the UNTOLD universe have closed for the eighth chapter of this magical experience, but the journey continues.

Text: IBMagazine

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