• Short Interviews

    Simina Grigoriu: Unleashing the techno magic at Untold Festival 2023

    Simina Grigoriu is a well-known DJ in the tumultuous world of techno music, mesmerizing listeners everywhere with her extraordinary skill. On this year`s Untold edition she performed on the Time stage, wowing the audience with an electrifying performance. Toronto-raised and Romanian-born The journey of this techno star has progressively amassed awards. She began her career as a DJ, before swiftly switching to production, launching her own label, Kuukou. With a skill for feeling the beat, she embarked on a path that would lead her to the forefront of the international techno scene. A perfect and unforgettable set at Untold Festival 2023 Simina Grigoriu’s captivating personality was seen at Untold Festival…

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