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    Who will win this year?

    Every year, festival organizers go beyond just assembling a lineup. They craft unique experiences for their fans, creating unforgettable moments. At a European level, fans are annually encouraged to vote for their favorite at the European Festival Awards. UNTOLD has been nominated as “Best Major Festival” Since its beginning in 2009, the European Festival Awards has aimed to reward innovation in the events industry. The list of nominees includes European festivals involved in sustainability, charity, social causes, and projects fostering development through education. Romania has firmly established its presence on the global events map, primarily due to the UNTOLD, which this year rose to the 6th position in the list…

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    Untold Festival: the Evolution of a music experience

    The Birth of Untold Festival in 2015 In the summer of 2015, a groundbreaking music festival emerged on the Romanian scene, captivating thousands of music enthusiasts from around the world. Untold Festival, held in the vibrant city of Cluj-Napoca, created a buzz with its unique concept, blending music, art, and immersive experiences into a four-day extravaganza. With an impressive lineup of renowned international artists and a mesmerizing atmosphere, the inaugural edition of Untold Festival laid the foundation for an extraordinary musical journey. From success to phenomenon The festival made a splash with its impressive first year, drawing increasing numbers of attendees each subsequent time it was held. In 2016, the…

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